Melbourne Winter Baseball League

About us

The Melbourne Winter Baseball League Inc. is the largest baseball league playing baseball in winter in Australia. Encompassing over 32 clubs, 80 junior and 118 senior teams, and 2500 registered players.

The MWBL was formed in 1984 when the 3 Melbourne metropolitan leagues amalgamated – City Baseball League, Diamond Valley Baseball Association and the Ringwood District Baseball League.

Originally known as the Victorian Winter Baseball League, the league’s clubs in 2010 voted to change the name to the MWBL to better reflect the geographical representation of the clubs.

MWBL Executive Board

President – Elizabeth (Ellie) Every

Vice President – (RDJBA Chairperson) – Natalie Kilby

Vice President – (DVJBA Chairperson) – Neil Southwell

Vice President – (CWJBL Chairperson) – Mark Riches

Vice President – (Pennant Committee Chairperson) – David Rice

Vice President – (Women’s Chairperson) – Megan Kelly

MWBL Umpires Panel Chairperson – Geoff Dunn

Secretary – Sally Friend

Treasurer – Tony Wyatt

Administrator – Michael Chambers

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