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MATCH OF THE ROUND: Research Lower Plenty bats have a day out in the U13 Majors

It was a glorious morning for junior baseball at Mill Park last Saturday as Research Lower Plenty took a 13-0 win over Doncaster in the under-13 Majors.

Research coach Jojo Azrein paid credit to his team, who hit particularly well despite missing a number of players.

“They went well! We played short, we played with seven, obviously being the long weekend we didn’t have two of our players,” Azrein said.

“But those guys who came in, Ben pitched really well, we batted well I think, all around. Beside the last inning we maxed out every inning with our bats, so we were doing well with the bat today,” he said.

Azrein nominated pitcher Ben Bird, who threw two innings, as player of the match, but highlighted it was a team win overall.

“The whole team played well, I think almost everyone got on base, everyone probably got a run too, so the team played well around,” Azrein said.

As is common across the league, there were plenty of family and friends in attendance to support the juniors, including Ben’s dad Adam, who was scorer for Research.

He highlighted the importance of supporting clubs through volunteering, to make sure the kids have the best experience possible.

“The game would wither without the volunteers, so it’s about giving back to the club, which gives a lot to our kids,” Bird said.

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